Parent Consent Form Parent Consent Form

Parent Consent Form

The User acknowledges that a risk of personal injury is inherent in the use of The Smash Rooms. The Company takes reasonable steps to mitigate the risks and make The Smash Room experience as safe as possible for each User.

However, the User acknowledges that they use The Smash Room at their own risk.
User agrees that it shall only use the Services for legal purposes and shall not use them to engage any conduct that is unlawful, immoral, threatening, abusive or in a way that is deemed unreasonable by the Company in its discretion.

Qualifying to use The Smash Room

In order to qualify to use The Smash Room, a User must:

  • Be over the age of 13 and in good health;
  • Have a parent or guardian complete your waiver form if you are under 18;
  • Dress in suitable attire and use the safety clothing and equipment provided by the Company;
  • Wear close-toed shoes and socks that cover your ankles;
  • Wear clothing that covers all bare skin, up to the neckline;
  • Pay a booking fee for use of The Smash Room;
  • Have no outstanding or untreated injuries;
  • Not be under the influence of any drugs;
  • Not have consumed alcohol;
  • For safety reasons the User must not be pregnant or wearing casts;
  • Follow the instructions given by The Smash Room or its employees at all times.

Booking fee inclusions

A booking fee shall in default include:

  • The value of one collection of Items to be broken by a User in The Smash Rooms during a booking; and
  • The use of any safety equipment or equipment provided by the company for use by the User in The Smash Rooms.

Bringing your own items

The company may allow a User to supply their own items subject to any pricing and additional terms the company may set from time to time as:

  • Described on the site; or
  • Determined by a representative in their discretion.
  • The company may charge the User an additional fee for any additional units of items to be used during a booking.
  • Any items supplied by a User must be approved by a representative prior to the User being allowed to use the items in The Smash Rooms.

Smashing items in rooms

The User may only break items within The Smash Rooms, and must not:

  • Break items outside The Smash Rooms;
  • Damage any window, door, wall, light, floor, door handle or any other furniture, fixture or fitting at the premises where The Smash Room is located;
  • Damage anything a representative specifically states is not items;
  • Damage any camera equipment present at The Smash Rooms;
  • Use an implement in a threatening manner towards any person;
  • Deliberately break or damage any implement or safety equipment provided by the company.

Additional rules of entry

The Company may impose additional safety rules, and rules of conduct specific to a Smash Room, and any items from time to time, which shall apply to each User of The Smash Room.

No User may use a Smash Room until the User has completed a safety briefing.


A User must notify a representative of any health condition that could reasonably affect their ability to safely use The Smash Room. The representative may refuse a User entry if they determine that the User may be unable to safely use The Smash Room.


Every User must comply with any direction given by a representative.


No user may enter The Smash Room under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that may affect the User’s ability to safely use The Smash Room.


A representative may evict a User from a Smash Room if the User:

  • Has failed to follow the reasonable directions of the representative; or
  • Presents a hazard to the safety and wellbeing of any person including them self.
  • No items whether broken or not may be removed from The Smash Room, except for any unbroken items the User may have brought with them.
  • The company may monitor The Smash Rooms to ensure the User’s safety and compliance with the agreement.
  • The Users must comply with all signs or other directions of the Company and it may suspend or cancel the User’s use of the Services and the Site for non-compliance with these conditions or for reckless or careless conduct.
  • All Users must comply with COVID-19 regulations and comply with the directions of the Company to ensure compliance.